Sunday 28 September 2014

Council check: North Yorkshire County Council

Each week, we look at how well one of our local transport authorities promotes the bus services on its patch. This week, it's the turn of North Yorkshire County Council.

Where do the buses go?

There are no maps of any description, but this page lets you search by location for a list of all routes serving it. The results are rather cumbersome however, as only 5 results are shown per page, meaning you have to scroll through several pages to see all bus services in some locations. You can also search by route number, but that's assuming you already know which route you need. The lack of a map will ensure that many people will never find out. 1 out of 5.


Timetables can be searched by location or route number, but be prepared to click through pages of results if you search by location. 3 out of 5.


No information is provided whatsoever, not even for Plusbus, which is available in Scarborough and Harrogate. 0 out of 5.


This really is quite poor all round. Definitely one of the worst regions of the country in which to find out about bus services. North Yorkshire County Council only manages a pitiful 4 out of 15.


  1. There are some diagrammatic maps for Scarborough & Tadcaster, sadly undated so I have no idea how up to date they are at, one of which refers to another map which isn't published!
    There is also a map of all bus stops at, complete with realtime information (timetabled where not available). I'm sure it wouldn't be beyond them to at least make it possible to generate a list of services for each stop.
    It does say something though when an unofficial website ( is better than the official one (times, some maps, claims to detail fares where available). Similarly, DalesBus does a good job in the Yorkshire Dales, including a map ( seemingly by NYCC but not published by NYCC. Indeed, WY Metro ( do a better job of covering the dales than NYCC.

  2. The result of giving local authorities powers rather than duties where public transport provision (and how its publicised etc.) is concerned. Hence they have blown hot and cold over the years according to the whim of whoever is in power.

    Now times are hard its not something they have to do and we increasingly see the results as county by county 'consults' on the withdrawal of funding.

    The announcement of how much deficit reduction still has to be achieved sends a very cold chill warning of a biting cold winter where bus services are concerned. The government will of course say that it is now a matter of local choice for local authorities as to how they use their (much reduced) funding - buses or.............


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