Saturday 21 December 2013

Donations / Name stays / Lancs in the lurch / First sees red

Many of North Yorkshire's pensioners are prepared to contribute, reports the York Press. They want to help save bus routes that are threatened by the budget cuts at North Yorkshire County Council by voluntarily paying fares. While it may make a difference, the council has reminded them that any payment by a pass holder is a voluntary donation and does not constitute the fare, which legally cannot be levied for pass holders.

Stagecoach have pledged to keep the Norfolk Green name after buying the company, reports Lynn News. Andrew Dyer, the new boss, said "this is now Norfolk Green with nationwide back-up, not Norfolk Green disappearing and a new firm coming in". They are also promising to maintain the Coasthopper service, which runs from Kings Lynn to Cromer.

BlogPreston are reporting that Classic Bus North West have withdrawn a route between Preston and Blackpool without giving the required 56 days notice to authorities. Lancashire County Council are considering their options in filling the gap.

First have brought back another heritage livery, this time in Southampton. Route 3 has been rebranded as "the three" and will utilise refurbished buses painted in red, the old colour of Citybus, which First bought in 1997. See pictures over at Public Transport Experience. Don't forget you can find comprehensive news of all changes to Southampton's bus service on our sister blog, Southampton Bus Update.


  1. Re the North Yorkshire pensioners wanting to pay to help save their bus service. Too much control has been taken away from operators and even local government by this "free" travel scheme; how much longer can it e sustained? Surely the longer it's left, the worse the mess.

  2. The rumour going around is that CBNW have called in administrators. I wonder what future that holds for the Lancashire Transport Trust collection which was legally separate.

    Of course, a look at the history of the Bournemouth heritage collection would have surely been enough of a history lesson for CBNW/LTT to have taken on board?

  3. Bus services are in a total mess. Most places out side of cities and large towns have only very limited services and the service change at the drop of a hat. Most operators just pay lip service to the 56 days notice and just register changes as short notice changes and the Traffic Commisioners do nothing about it some even put in retrospective changes having given no notices at all. It is little more than a farce.


  5. While the architect of the downfall is on his holidays, the former staff are left with no money. I believe the word you are looking for is coward, Philip.


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