Tuesday 24 December 2013

Dundee dispute / Liverpool losses / Newport new dawn / Dean deal

Passengers were left behind again today in Dundee, reports the Evening Telegraph, as many drivers at understaffed National Express Dundee declined to do overtime. The union claims the company is about ten drivers short and has been relying on overtime to make up the capacity. Even managing director Phil Smith was planning to spend this afternoon driving a bus around the city.

Liverpool City Council's axing of every bus lane in the city has claimed its first victim: Ace Travel route 11, reports the Liverpool Echo. The bus company says that its buses on that route have been caught up in traffic jams caused by the decision to allow all traffic to use bus lanes. So much so that the route has been pushed from profit to loss and is being cut.

Newport's (the South Wales one) new bus station will open to the public this Saturday, reports the South Wales Argus. It replaces the old bus station, which was proud of being bigger than Swansea's and therefore claimed the crown of second biggest bus station in Wales!

Stagecoach passengers in the Forest of Dean can take advantage of a BOGOF offer on Forest Dayrider tickets throughout January. Stagecoach also have a half price offer in Manchester: a 4 week Megarider for £23 if you buy it online before the weekend.

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