Thursday 17 April 2014

Journalist demonstrates lack of understanding of buses

Stagecoach have revealed which services they are cutting in South Wales as a result of the closure of the Brynmawr depot. BBC News covers the cuts, but with a bizarre headline that demonstrates their journalists' lack of understanding of how bus services work:

The headline makes it look like only 14 physical buses are going, but the sub-heading, that 14 bus routes are being axed, is correct. The headline writer lazily assumes that one bus route equals just one physical bus: Not true.

A better understanding is shown by the South Wales Argus. Local councils are now looking into what replacements can be provided.


  1. Stagecoach are also axing the routes below

    X32 Maerdy to Cardiff
    X78 Merthyr to Pontypridd
    244 Pontypridd to Bridgend
    411 Tynewydd to St John's High

  2. Complete list of Stagecoach Wales cuts



    Route X16 Risca to Cardiff

    Route X32 Maerdy to Cardiff

    Merthyr Tydfil

    Route X78 Merthyr to Pontypridd


    Route 244 Pontypridd to Bridgend

    Route 411 Tynewydd to St. Johns High

    Rhymney Valley

    Route 7 Blackwood - Ystrad Mynach – Pontypridd

    Route C16 Caerphilly to Nelson

    Route C17 Bargoed to Caerphilly

    Route 538 Blackwood to Penybryn

    Torfaen & Severnside

    Route 30 Brynmawr to Cwmbran

    Route 64 Newport to Underwood

    Route 74 Newport to Chepstow

    Route X74 Newport to Chepstow

    Route 60 Newport to Usk



    Routes 60/60A - Aberdare to Pontypridd & Cardiff curtail at Pontypridd (withdraw Cardiff extension)

    Routes 95/95A - reduced frequency through withdrawal of Route 95

    Blaenau Gwent

    Route X15 - Brynmawr to Newport (from every 30mins to hourly)


    Route X - Senghenydd to Cardiff reduced frequency in morning, afternoon service withdrawn

    Merthyr Tydfil

    Routes 1/2/3 - Merthyr to Bargoed (one bus withdrawn)


    Route R1 - Risca to Newport (from every 20mins to 30mins)


    Route 171 - Maerdy to Clydach Vale

    Torfaen & Severnside

    Route 23 - Newport to Varteg Hill (from every 30mins to hourly)


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