Sunday 6 April 2014

Council check: Cambridgeshire County Council

Today we take a look at how Cambridgeshire County Council informs the public about the bus services operating within its boundaries.

Where do the buses go?

A series of maps are provided, covering the whole county with enlarged versions for the major towns. All that is missing is town centre enlargements showing the major stops. The link labelled as such for Cambridge actually takes you to the city-wide map. A good effort though: 4 out of 5.


All bus routes in the county are listed by route number and by location. The links then take you through to the relevant timetables on Traveline East Anglia's site. Simple, quick and easy: 5 out of 5.


As is customary, there is no information on single tickets, but Cambridgeshire does have a series of pages explaining what day tickets are available. There is an all-operator ticket available and well publicised, but Plusbus tickets which are available in Cambridge, St Neots, Ely and Huntingdon are ignored. 3 out of 5.


Good, comprehensive maps and easy to find timetables, again fully comprehensive. Day tickets are well described, but let down by the omission of Plusbus and no indication of even how to find out the price of a single journey. Cambridgeshire County Council scores a total of 12 out of 15.

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