Sunday 6 July 2014

Council check: Nexus

This week we take a look at how the councils of Tyne and Wear promote their local bus services through Nexus.

Where do the buses go?

There are no maps to provide an overview of where the buses go. You can see a list of bus routes arranged by number, but that isn't much help if you're trying to find out which bus route you need in the first place. 0 out of 5.


Timetables are provided for all routes in the county, but it's difficult to find the right one if you don't already know the route number you need. The fact they can't be searched by location drags the score for this category down to 4 out of 5.


No info on single fares. This page does however provide links to the operators' sites for their own day tickets, as well as details of Tyne & Wear's multi-operator and multi-modal ticket. Explorer North East, valid beyond the county borders, also gets a mention. Plusbus isn't mentioned, even though tickets are available with rail travel to/from Newcastle and Sunderland. 3 out of 5.


The absence of any kind of overview map is unforgivable. Timetables are there but not easy to find the right one if the lack of maps means you don't know the route number you need. A good selection of multi-modal tickets but fares information is far from complete. Nexus scores a total of 7 out of 15.

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