Thursday 10 July 2014

Grime up North / Northampton route axed due to traffic / Wigan calls it a night

Lancashire's bus shelters are being cleaned less often than before, with some of them in a rather grotty state, according to the Lancashire Evening Post. The county council claims it cleans each stop at least once a year. Some may find even that hard to believe.

Northampton is losing a bus route to the traffic jams that have been caused by the new bus station. The Northampton Chronicle reports how Meridian are withdrawing the 29 and redeploying resources to try and shore up their 31 route, which has also been badly affected by the traffic situation in the city.

Wigan is to lose all of its night buses due to funding cuts by Transport for Greater Manchester. Wigan Today claims that local businesses weren't consulted, but neglects to mention that if the routes were well used then someone would be willing to operate them without a subsidy.

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