Thursday 6 February 2014

Five buses crash in Manchester / Lancashire reprieve / First Dorset strike

Five buses crashed in Central Manchester this morning, just around the corner from where I currently work. I saw nothing from the tram I was on though, so knew nothing about it until later in the day. The MEN has pictures and details of the accident, which involved buses belonging to Arriva and Stagecoach.

Staying in the North West, BlogPreston reports that Lancashire County Council are having second thoughts about the plan to axe all subsidised evening and Sunday bus services in the county. Each route will now be looked at on a case-by-case basis, but cuts will still be made.

Passengers in Dorset face disruption next Monday, when drivers at First go on strike. The Dorset Echo has the details.


  1. The county council cannot legally just remove all subsidies. It has to go through a process to look at the impact of cutting a route. I suspect the council has been challenged so is now doing this

  2. All councils are legally required to do is to ensure that the county receives an "adequate" level of public transport. Each council can define its own level of "adequacy" and can take available funding into account when doing so, so really there is no protection against cuts of the sort Lancashire and others are proposing.

    1. There is. A council tried to do this in the past and a legal challenge was mounted and the council lost

      Your post in fact makes no sense. You say adequate level of service. Now how are you going to demonstrate that you have assessed the impact of the cuts without looking at each route?


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