Wednesday 12 February 2014

Image problem / Completion / Sold

Another survey about commuting bashes the bus, as the Independent reports. In not the best written piece ever, accompanied by a badly-posed picture of passengers crammed onto a tube train, the Indy highlights the image problem that the bus industry has to overcome if it is to tempt people out of their cars. Apparently commuting by bus for more than 30 minutes each way has a significant impact on people's happiness. Something tells me that survey wasn't very scientific. How did they measure happiness, for a start?

Two ladies who need no encouragement to use the bus have completed their mission to ride every single one of London's bus routes end to end. Londonist spoke to them at the end of their five year journey.

Hexham Bus Station is to be sold. The Journal reports how Northumberland County Council have decided, despite opposition, to sell the site to developers. Buses will use new stops on Priestpopple, which local traders have said does not have the space to handle terminating services.

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  1. IMHO. If needing to travel to London by rail on a commute I can usually get a seat and have some reasonable expectancy of journey and arrival times and spread of frequency.
    By comparison the local buses are crammed full of pupils who ignore queuing at the bus stop to ensure they get the seats and treat other passengers as though they shouldn't be on the bus. Due to school hours the morning journeys all come within a short space of time followed by a long gap.In the evenings there are long gaps or even no service.
    So yes I would find rail less stressful.


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