Friday 30 May 2014

Gloom in Gwynedd as Padarn Pops

Padarn Bus, one of North Wales's major operators, is to close tonight, reports BBC News. The Daily Post explains that arrests over fraud allegations have created turmoil and put the local council on alert that the company might be about to cease trading.

Gwynedd Council have now issued a press release confirming that Padarn will stop running from midnight tonight. The council is now looking to issue last-minute contracts to find other companies to operate those routes that aren't already covered by other bus services.

Many tourists could be affected as Padarn run the popular Snowdon Sherpa network of sightseeing routes. Anyone planning to use a bus route that was operated by Padarn should check with Gwynedd Council before travelling.


  1. The council Web Site is confusing but it looks as if most of the routes the plan to operate a service on from Saturday have been taken over temporarily by Arriva & Express routes. What appear to be the new timetables are there

  2. I will be interested to see the actual details about the alleged fraud and whether the cuts in funding in Wales are blamed?

    Also whether the replacement services are operated commercially or have to receive funding they did not previously get.

  3. Stagecoach are now formally discontinuing a large number of routes in South & South West Wales from the 21st July. No information at present as to whether other operators will pick some of them up or whether the local councils will put some out to tender

  4. There is another twist in the on going saga of the Welsh Assembly heavily subsidised Cardiff Airport Shuttle bus as First Bus have given notice that they are surrendering the contract/ I assume the contract was let on the basis of first bus taking the commercial risk with the fares and that passenger numbers have fallen far below expectation

    There are two possible sensible options. Reduce the service from every 20 minutes to every 40 minutes or to try to get Newport Transport interested in running their current X30 Newport to Cardiff express service via the airport


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