Wednesday 8 January 2014

Announcements / Smith smash / Classic in court?

Go Ahead's Bluestar has announced that all of its buses will now feature audio next stop announcements as standard. The Daily Echo reports how it will help the visually impaired and anyone not familiar with the area they are travelling through. Buses in London and on the continent have had this as standard for years, so it is great to see one of our major operators taking it seriously and rolling it out across all routes. One of the fears car addicts have of using buses is that they won't know where to get off - they will now!

In the recent disruption at understaffed National Express Dundee, drivers declined to do overtime and managers had to take to the wheels in order to keep services running. While this was all going on, managing director Phil Smith crashed a bus into the back of a car. Full details in the Evening Telegraph.

Classic Bus North West, which collapsed last month leaving villages between Preston and Fleetwood cut off from public transport, could face legal action from Lancashire County Council. The Garstang Courier reports that the council will also make a complaint to the traffic commissioner.

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  1. Let's hope that Bluestar get some of the bad points of the system sorted out quickly,such as announcements for stops that are of no use to anyone i.e. inwards to Southampton on service 18 Northam Shops just announced as "shops"


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