Thursday 30 January 2014

Good news from East Lancs and Edinburgh

Transdev's bog standard route 152 between Preston and Burnley via Blackburn has been upgraded and rebranded as part of The Lancashire Way. Bigger buses than were used on that route before have been refurbished and fitted with wifi. Unlike other operators, who would use such an upgrade as an excuse to screw the farepayer, Transdev have kept the price of a Silver day ticket at £6 for an adult. If the riding experience is anything like what Transdev deliver on the 36 between Harrogate and Leeds, then passengers on the 152 are in for a treat. TrĂ©s bon!

More good news from Edinburgh, where STV reports that passenger numbers at Lothian Buses are up significantly to their highest levels for 25 years. I think this might have something to do with the fact that Lothian run a stable network that doesn't suffer from major changes several times a year and that they tell you up front and clearly how much any journey with them will cost. It seems so simple: be upfront with your passengers about all aspects of their trip and you will attract more of them!


  1. Lothian set the standard in Scotland, what a shame the local First operations can't up their game to match.

  2. The buses on the 152 are just the old X43 buses with a repaint and wifi. Whilst the exteriors have been painted the interiors are are pretty tired now, certainly nothing like as good as the fully refurbished buses on Harrogate's X36. £6 for a day ticket is good value if travelling a long distance but is quite expensive for a trip from Blackburn to Burnley, compared to other operators nearby.


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