Tuesday 14 January 2014

Norwich motorists / Presentation

A guest comment column in the Eastern Daily Press takes aim at First for not allowing its tickets to be sold in Norwich bus station. The writer adds "This has probably been a decision made by someone paid a large salary who only drives their car." How widespread is the problem of bus network decisions being made by people who don't actually use the buses themselves?

An Arriva driver in Kent tells Kent Online how his facial tattoos often cause people to be scared of him. Arriva obviously don't think it puts off bus passengers (maybe the Arriva bus tattooed on his arm played a part in that decision!), but other operators might not be so tolerant. So what sort of rules should there be on a driver's appearance?

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  1. Once upon a time bus companies were pretty strict about the way their staff looked - Problem today is that if they were stricter all maner of civil rights campainers would be on their heels.


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